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Varya Karpova has been turning heads from the start of her mixing career in 2015. Shortly after she set foot in the music industry she started producing and developed her style from techno to hard-dance genres since 2016.

Although she takes inspiration from early -00’s trance and old school rave, she's never been restricted by genres. With her focus now being hard dance, hard trance, UK hardcore and hard house she establishes herself in this mix of hard genres. Describing her sound as ‘playful rave’ she will not cease to surprise the crowd with her high energy music.

Guided by melodies, vocals and brightness in her sets she wants to make people experience a wide spectrum of emotions on the dance floor  while motivating them to dance hard!

With multiple upcoming Vinyl V.A releases and a Solo Ep around the corner she will continue to accelerate her career  while exploring new sides of the rave scene.


Performance: DJ

Travel: 1 person from Moscow, Russia





Techno Germany

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