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The Swedish/Italian madwoman is a Berlin based electronic musician in techno music. The producer & selector, armed with a heavy artillery of hard-hitting and distinctive sounds with psychedelic influences has been storming the scene since 2019. Making her appearance in Cuba and countless venues such as Tresor bringing a selection of high energy tracks, inviting here audience to the enter the rawest mode on the dancefloor. No doubt she is an artist with a beautiful career ahead of her in our beloved scene. Listen to the special podcast she put together for us and discover more of madwoman with an exclusive PLUS BEYOND interview.  


Find the tracklist and her exclusive insights below. We highly recommend reading while listening to her PLUSCAST.


01. madwoman - Crucial Instincts
02. Achiever - Jointure
03. Balrog - Devastator
04. Willy Parker - Back From The Death
05. Alignment - Contrast
06. Minus 25 - Kalt
07. KLR_MX - Speedy Speedy Go Go Go
08. Lucinee - We Trip And Roll (unreleased)
09. Don Woezik - Dance Macabre
10. Ephaze - Welcome To The Rave
11. madwoman - Blush Rush (unreleased)
12. Don Woezik - War Dance
13. Charlie Sparks - Thaumogenesis
14. Unknown - The Lullaby
15. Unknown - Vortex
16. T Y - Opulence
17. Morsure - Form Ranks
18. P Risco - Pandaemonio (6EJOU Remix)
19. Nico Moreno - Tension
20. Aprilê - Tosh Aka
21. Aahan - Bleeding Providience (Rave Version)
22. Morsure - Unknown Matter
23. Tiranola - Bluetooth Selecta

PLUSCAST 028 - Madwoman
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Being a full-time artist, this year would have been a break-through year for you with countless gigs across the world. Due to the ongoing Covid-situation mostly every event got postponed until 2021. How are you handling the impact of the situation and how do you think it’s going to unfold after the world is spinning again? And on a more personal level, how are you balancing life and work.


For everybody, this has indeed been a really hard year in many aspects. It really sucks for the lost gigs, but it has been a devastating year for the whole world. I have been managing by staying productive in the studio, producing a lot of new tracks and focusing on raising the level and quality in my productions and to learn new tools and machines. I have also been extra caring about my friendships and been in close contact with other DJs and producers, to keep the heath up - we are all in this together. Showing and giving support has been fundamental in this time, and I am very happy to see how well we all are supporting each other.


For 2021 I hope the positivity and endurance will pay off. Actually I have some very exciting news that I will be able to share soon, and I can tell that there will be some very exciting releases. Hopefully the clubs will be able to reopen again because I literally can’t wait! But in the meantime, the world needs to heal, on one note a break was probably good because the world was spinning away very fast in not very sustainable ways, also seen in our scene, so hopefully this awful period of time might have brought something good with it, if we just keep on remaining active. How I am balancing life and work is to keep on going. Producing as much as possible when I am feeling inspired, and taking breaks and walks in the parks when the sun is shining. It’s also very important to meet friends and try to live a normal life, even though life is very different since before the pandemic.

You are profiling yourself as an artist with a psychedelic and industrial sound in today’s techno scene where the BPM’s gone up considerably. Can you elaborate some more on what drives you and where do you find your inspiration as a producer/dj?


Techno is the canvas for all unexpected people, sounds and worlds to meet. It’s a mind opening platform where people connect in sound from all different backgrounds and reasons. The dance floor is a place for people from all over the world, connecting through sound and dance. Expressions that do not have a room in the normal society, this inspires me a lot. I love that techno music can give all that, on top of the passion for the music itself. It’s the same in my techno productions. I sample a lot from daily life and from travels with my field recorder, so for me it’s about sharing those experiences and bringing them to life again and again in the music I make. I feel inspired from so many different worlds and subcultures, such as cyberpunk and dystopia, which became very close to reality during the last year.

Debuting with a powerful EP on Raven Sigh in 2019 you kept producing hard-hitting tracks with multiple VA’s and your last highly-supported 8-track album “Psychedelic Force”. Can you guide us through the process of what's going on in your mind while producing and what can we expect in the near future?


The process of producing is for me about building from scratch. I can sit and layer kicks forever, I most of all enjoy creating the right kick for sure and then developing a melody that tells a story. I also really love to develop a specific atmosphere.

About the near future; will be revealed in time! I do like to surprise with what is coming next, but I can reveal that I am very excited about 2021! There will be a few releases that I am very very ecstatic about. Amongst other good news, I will release my first vinyl.

What are your future aspirations as an artist in the years to come. What do you dream about at night, when you are not making records in your studio ;)


Oh I dream about the clubs to reopen again, and I hope to visit many more different countries and clubs as well as keep on improving my productions and extending my gear in my studio. And I really want to go back and play in Georgia, I fell in love with this country and really can’t wait to be back. On a dream side note, I want a dog and a studio cabin in the woods. Definitely dreaming about the day when I finally do!


Finally, we can imagine you are having a lot of great adventures while playing. What has been an absolute highlight for you?


Yeaah, it’s so hard to pick! But definitely a highlight was my debut gig in Havana, Cuba! Really amazing people and venue and it was a very cool city to visit due to the historical aspects, which made it even more interesting with the whole experience. The crowd in Havana is really amazing and warm!


Gegen Berlin.JPG

Gegen Berlin

  • madwoman_-_Blush_Rush
Psychedelic Force.jpg

Psychedelic Force

  • Psychedelic Force - Madwoman - Soundcloud
Raw Energy.jpg

Raven Sigh

  • Madwoman - raw-energy-ep-raven-sigh
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