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LEVS are Colombia born, raised in Spain - and Belgium based. Working as DJ’s, producers and label owners, these twins have taken their unique take on fast paced, power packed Techno to the next level.


Aged 16, Erika and Laura got the first taste of music production and it wasn’t before long that they also wanted to bring that music to a wider audience. A few months later, they managed to get their first DJ equipment. Fast forward to their first big break, that came when they landed a residency at the Hard Rock Hotel on Ibiza, where they learned the ropes during the 6 hour sets they performed. It got them noticed by that other institute on the White Island: Amnesia, which lead them towards the deeper, darker sounds of Underground Techno.


The experience propelled them on a international DJ career, frequently travelling between Spain, Italy and Belgium. At the same time, they were perfecting their producing skills, which resulted in their first EP titled “Inner Voices” and the follow-up “Independencia Rechazada”. As time progressed, their sound morphed almost organically into a more raw, rough and faster kind of Techno. Their taste broadened as well, incorporating breakbeats, atmospheric and darker sounds. The result was their EP “Unbroken View”, followed by “Pain as Experience” and “The Way I Are”, which they released on their own Conscious Mind imprint.


Asked what would best describe their style, they describe their sets as “an immersion of oneself in a state of high consciousness, that will let you connect and absorb the energy of the ambience in the room.”



01. Midnight Vices - Asylum -

02. Rich in Harmonics - Carte Blanche Summer 

03. Osccurate - Solscite 

04. Jean Terechkova - The Last Flower

05. Midnight Vices - Move Next

06. Matrakk - Walk After Woman

07. Eshka - French Acid Story 

08. Mental Crush - Lets Party

09. Disruption - Nobody (1luu remix) 

10. Jan Vercauteren - When Angels Cry 

11. SZG - Bad Bitch 

12. 1luu - Titan 

13. 1luu - Dubnium 

14. Analect - Visionary

15. LEVS - The Way I Are -  (Rave Remix) 

16. DYEN - Venom (Madora Remix)

17. Jan Vercauteren - Wishplash

18. Geck-o - You Call That Dancing

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