Techno music producer and selector MOIA had been connected to art and music since an early age living in Warsaw, Poland. She became a resident at Luzztro where she gained the dancefloor experience she always wanted and won the Instytut Debuts. Nowadays she is playing at the major cities in her home country such as  Jasja1, Smolna, Sfinks700, P23 and Italian Hyper (IT).

She finds herself in the fast & pounding techno which you can clearly hear in her PLUSCAST she made for us. An energized and emotion based genre experiment which represents her ideology.

After releasing her first track '111' three weeks ago on COUP, which you can download below,  MOIA is currently working on some new productions. It's safe to say that she is a rising star and we are happy she's joining our podcast series. 


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01. ISH11 - Fear And Torture

02. Unknown Torments - Anarchy

03. Rezystor - Dunkelheit (Echoes Of October remix)

04. Stigmatique - Samael, Der Ankläger der Lebenden

05. Slam - Capture

06. K Ø Z L Ø V - Dissolution

07. Torn Relics - Clear As Ethanol (SNTS Remix)

08. Ad Astra - The Taste Of Copper In Your Mouth

09. GUS - Bullheaded

10. SWHR - Collapse Of A Soul (VINYA Remix)

11. Slam - Zero Dip

12. PRK - Unpredictable Prospects

13. Ad Astra - Alpha Particles

14. Onyx (T Y Remix 3) unreleased

15. GUS - Eyes Shut

16. Neagles - Speed Highway

17. Klangkuenstler - Engelsblut

18. ISH11 - Grinding Inside

19. Overclocked - Avoidance

20. BXTR - Flesh & Circuits

21. Søren HB - Escape Plan


23. MSKD - Gods Arent Ashamed

24. Ascendant vierge - Influenceur (Onelas Edit)


111 - Free download

  • MOIA - 111 - COUP


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