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Watch out for something disruptively explosive coming to the stages. Isabelle Beaucamp, based in Berlin and resident of Ehrenklub Cologne, recently started a strikingly rapid and steep DJ career and already played on big stages on several continents worldwide in her first year. 


Her sound is refreshingly unique as she playfully combines hard and fast techno with magically pushing groovy, trance and acid elements and makes the crowd going crazy with unexpected ingredients of Brazilian tribal, breakbeats, drum & bass and Detroit old-school techno to just name a few. 


Her very creative mixes, inspired by the cultures of the world as well as the gritty Berlin techno on top of her on-point 100% energy and charisma make her musical journey for all ravers a shared adventure that you can't escape. Stay tuned for her first track release this summer, which promises one thing: to be incredibly driving, and that's exactly what makes her tick. 


Performance: DJ

Travel: 1 person from Berlin, Germany


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