If you want to know what Ici Sans Merci means, you need to listen carefully to his sets. Dynamic as he is, he combines pumping & groovy techno with a raw edge and a merciless sound to his dancers, uplifting the atmosphere to a higher level. 


Starting as a dj/producer in the illegal circuits, the dark forests near Amsterdam, he made a name in the underground scene working his way up to the big stages. Now, a few years later he tries to remind the audience the roots of techno via his concepts AURA & Bastion and as the head honcho for the infamous Radion in the Dutch capitol.


For Ici it’s more then just playing, he is aiming for a higher purpose. As the headhoncho for the infamous Radion in Amsterdam he tries to remind the audience the roots of techno.

* Techno Award Winner 2012 'for best new Artist'


Performance: DJ

Travel: 1 person from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Agent: rick@plusagency.nl

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