The Vesuvian born producer/DJ & label manager Davide Carbone always has been passionate by the music industry and is dedicated to extoll the culture we all love. The sound of the Berlin based artist can be described as bold industrial techno, focused on the more hard and heavy acid sonorities with deep & dramatic atmospheres.


Starting collaborations and several aliases working abreast with a musical collective, developing a strong circle of labels. With Honzo being the more shameless sound with no rules and fear he also runs his Carbone Records. A platform for his own powerful productions and collaborative projects such as the Executions, with Noneoftheabove. The labels sound represents the darkness and energetic forces of the raw acid techno sound of the 90’s.

Brace yourself for his hardcore infused power electronic set on our Soundcloud or Youtube channel.


01.Ad Nauseam - Fear Unknown (Ruffneck Prime Remix)

02. D. Carbone - Baby Don’t Cry (Unreleased)

03. Mariano DC - The Black Bogle (Perc Remix)

04. D. Carbone - Evasion (Unreleased)

05. Olivier Abbeloos + Time Traveler feat Mixelplix - Terrorize

06. D. Carbone - Stay Silent (Unreleased)

07. Dion - Naked Raving

08. Clash - Pills (D. Carbone MDMA Remix)

09. WarinD - Recording Lockdown

10. D. Carbone - No Rave (Unreleased)

11. Valerio Innorta - In The Raveland

12. WN/BS - Crush

13. Vanya Koreya - Forever

14. Myler - Gack

15. Thrae - Evil Desires

16. Myler - Whip Shanked

17. TY - Conflict

18. Heiden & Wzx_O - Back To The Future

19. Sterling Moss - Violent Torpedo Of Truth

20. D. Carbone - I Declare My Law (Unreleased)

21. Vanya Koreya - Run From Me

22. Incident Prism - Gang Bounce

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Raving Disorder

  • D. Carbone - Raving Disorder

Stinging Roger

  • D. Carbone - Stinging Roger

Back To The Empire Of Hardcore

  • Back To The Empire Of Hardcore


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