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AURA is a (vinyl) techno label created by ICI SANS MERCI


Ici Sans Merci is head honcho of the Amsterdam based event AURA. Hosting events at his beloved Radion. Aura goes back to the era of WAREHOUSE RAVES, where the energy of the sound outgrew the industrial buildings they were played in. This year it launches its own imprint where Ici Sans Merci makes his debut with a long-awaited EP. Marking a new landscape in todays scene. 



Ici Sans Merci releases at his imprint AURA with his debut EP.  An original soundscape with a clear signature by the labelboss.

A1. Ici Sans Merci - Dream

A2. Ici Sans Merci - Warrior

B1. Ici Sans Merci - Scream

B2. Ici Sans Merci - The Dance

Releasedate: TBA 

Digital release: TBA

Warriors-Dance [AURA01]
  • GEN X & Deep Dimension - Soundcloud
  • GEN X & Deep Dimension - YouTube
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