AERT presents DJ-sets of full force from start to finish, loaded with powerful vital stamina through and through. Nothing is preplanned, each choice built on instinct, his creativity running free. As a DJ, AERT gives a personal selection of sharp contemporary techno steeped in its riotous hard 90s history. AERT looks into the future while simultaneously echoing the past. 

Having DJ’d and produced under the moniker AERT since 2015, Rotterdam-based Sander Meilink has developed into a fully-fledged artist. Immersed in music since his childhood when his dad taught him the piano, electronic music production became an early outlet to explore his own ideas. The AERT-sound has over the years been channelized into a hard and old-school-flavoured hybrid of schranz and industrial techno, ready to cause serious damage. Fast and dynamic with distorted gnarly machinery, it is eased with rolling, groovy playful rhythmic melodies. Voltage Imperium was set up in early 2020; an apt name for a record label representing the owner’s highly diverse taste in noisy, charged, electronic music (Voltage Imperium label nights will be announced in the near future). AERT’s own productions have been released through TheAbove Records, Märked, COUP and more . 


Performance: DJ

Travel: 1 person from Rotterdam, The Netherlands



TheAbove Records

Voltage Imperium Records


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